A Guide to Your Makeup Preview

Congratulations, lovely bride-to-be!

Your wedding day is approaching, and the excitement is in the air. To ensure your bridal makeup is nothing short of perfection, here’s a friendly guide on how to prepare for your makeup preview:

Embrace Your Natural Canvas: 

Arrive makeup-free, bringing along a photo showcasing your everyday makeup style. This gives your makeup artist a glimpse into your preferences and helps create a look that feels authentically you. 

Picture-Perfect Ideas:

Bring the magic of inspiration pictures! Whether it’s a dreamy Pinterest board or snapshots from magazines, or my favourite my own work (makes me dance inside) sharing visuals of the looks you adore ensures you and your makeup artist are on the same page. 

Style Harmony:

Wear a top with a neckline and colour similar to your wedding dress. This helps to envision the overall bridal ensemble, ensuring your makeup complements your entire look. 


Plan your hair trial on the same day as your makeup preview. Witnessing both elements together ensures a stunning bridal appearance. 

Tan Time Tact:

If a sun-kissed glow is part of your wedding vision, schedule your spray tan before the makeup trial. This way, you’ll see the full effect and make any adjustments if needed.

Honesty is Key:

Above all, be open and honest during your preview. Share your likes, dislikes, and any tweaks you’d prefer. This is your day, and your feedback ensures the final look is exactly what you’ve envisioned.


Remember, your makeup preview is a delightful step toward your special day. Enjoy the process, and let your beauty shine! 

Becky x 

Becky Minton

A luxury bridal makeup artist and founder of Rosebud Makeup & Beauty, transforming lives through personalised beauty. Bridal expert, educator, and podcast host.

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